Holy Assumption Church


To know and love Christ, sharing His love with others.

Bringing the love of Christ to our community through prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship, service, and outreach within the tradition of historic Orthodox Christianity.



On behalf of our parish community I'd like to personally welcome you to Holy Assumption Orthodox Church in Canton, Ohio.

We welcome visitors at all times! All of our worship is in English, and we love people because Jesus does, and He is the Lord of our parish!  

 What you will find here is:

· Christian Worship -- rooted in the mercy and majesty of God...

·Authentic unchanging teaching -- rooted in the Bible and early Christian tradition.

·The Church - the Orthodox Church has a continuous, unbroken history going right back to Jesus and the Apostles.

·The opportunity -- to grow closer to God and express your love for him through active discipleship and service - helping others.

·Fellowship with other believers.

Please join us on Sunday morning at 9:30 AM for Divine Liturgy and for Great Vespers on Saturday evening at 5:00 PM.


In Christ,

Fr. Stacey Richter

Akathist Service on Wednesdays

This Wednesday evening instead of vespers we are planning to celebrate the Akathist service: “Glory to God for all things.” This was composed by a Russian Orthodox priest in a Communist prison camp shortly before he died a martyr for the faith. It is an incredibly beautiful service of thanksgiving and one of my favorite church services. I have it on CD and listen to it all the time. Personally, it helps me practice having an attitude of thanksgiving. The benefits of this attitude are great! Thanksgiving is opposite to depression, anxiety, anger, etc. It tends to neutralize negative feelings and replace them with positive ones. Who can’t benefit from this?

It is our plan to have an Akathist service periodically on Wednesday evenings, eventually working up to every two weeks once the choir and myself can get the services all prepared. We will do several different types of Akathist including the above Akathist of thanksgiving, the Akathist to the Theotokos, and the Akathist to our Lord Jesus. I really want to encourage attendance at these, especially if you sing in the choir – as it is our plan to eventually make a recording. The great thing is that all the Akathists use the same melody. So attending any of them will help you sing the others.

Summer Mission Project

Do you have a desire to serve our community? This summer our parish will be involved in a variety of service projects in Northeastern Ohio. Spend a week with us in service and fellowship, no matter your skill level! See Jonathan Lincoln for more information.

Talent Show - Chili Cook Off 2014

Chili Cookoff - Talent Show 2014 - 01/26/14

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