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What is the Orthodox Church?

Christ the Almighty
Christ the Almighty
Christ the Almighty
Orthodoxy - then and now

If you are looking for a Church that is:
  • orthodox in morality
  • orthodox in doctrine
  • orthodox in worship
Maybe you are looking for the Orthodox Church.

Also known as the Eastern Orthodox Church, it is no longer merely eastern, but here to stay as one of the fastest growing Christian bodies in the world.

In the last 100 years, over 100 million Christians died as martyrs for their faith in Christ. Over 99% of the were Orthodox!

Many have found refuge with us from the confusion of polarizing moral and theological disputes, or monstrous liturgical fancy which worships the desires and passions of the creature, rather than the Creator.

And some are tired of trying to save their church, rather than be saved by it.

Many are learning what the early Christians really believed, and what they really did, and found the Orthodox Church doing just that. Some want a place where their children will learn what Christians have always learned, but not the latest doctrinal or liturgical fads.

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The Basics About Orthodoxy

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