Holy Assumption Orthodox Church
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Christian Education For All Ages

Reborn in the image of Christ
Reborn in the image of Christ
Reborn in the image of Christ

Our Christian Education is for all ages.

Our Pre-School- Kindergarten Class
Children use all of their senses to discover what it means to love God & know God's love. They are taught about the Liturgy and the Feast Days that we celebrate throughout the year.

Our Primary Class
...is a bit more intensive as they relate scripture to the tactile lessons of Orthodox Christianity.

In our Intermediate Class
...they are studying Books of the Bible in depth. They are discovering how the Bible relates to them personally.

Our High School Class
...has  in depth conversations about what it means to be a Christian in our world today.

Adult Education
... BIBLE STUDY - Why??? MAKING SENSE OF IT ALL—The Biblical Book of Galatians —The book of Galatians is one of the most interesting books in the entire Bible.  It asks the hard questions, and presents some surprising answers!  

Please join us --bring your children and let us help you as parents to teach them about God's love.

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