Holy Assumption Orthodox Church
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Get out your favorite apron and your best jokes to share…
The Holy Assumption Pierogi Fun Factory is gearing up for up for October!   All able-bodied peelers and pinchers are needed for the morning shift and the evening shift to re-fill our freezer and yours with the best pierogi around. No experience necessary! October 11th: Sunday, set-up after coffee hour: kitchen prep, measuring ingredients

October 12th: Monday, full production:
8:00am: Peeling potatoes, rolling the filling into balls, preparing for evening shift (10 people needed)
6:00pm: Pinching (the most fun job!), boiling, bagging, and cleanup

Please contact Mary-Ann Frischkornif you can join us, or add your name to the signup sheets on the bulletin board in the church hall. How many we make depends on how much help we have confirmed ahead of time. For information on purchasing pierogi by the dozen, please see Ann Kisha.

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