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Orthodox Christianity : Basics

These are notes from a talk given by Fr Stacey listen to the recording here

1. Go to church
2. Holy Communion
3. Read the Bible
4. Spiritual reading
5. Prayer

Corporate - The Divine Liturgy the 12 Great Feasts
Private Prayer:

  • make it a habit
  • have a place for prayer (family prayer and private prayer)
  • set times
  • Make it enjoyable, make it your own
  • choose prayers from a prayer book
  • pray the psalms
  • pray with understanding
  • prayer rule – set of prayers that you pick, choose ones that speak to you
  • own words
  • if it works for you, do it! Every person / Saint is different
  • better to be thinking about God, sitting than standing thinking about your legs

6. Keep the commandments of Christ
7. Humility – willingness to learn
8. Submission – of one's will, willingness to take advice
9. Spiritual Director / direction
10. Rigorous honesty with yourself
11. Confession – to priest, and privately to God
12. open your heart to God, and other people
13. Learn to love God and other people
14. Be – being the child of God, who YOU are in Christ, new creatures in Christ
15. Be you
16. Avoid hypocracy like the plague
17. put your money where you mouth is
18. regular giving – loose yourself to bondage to money, be generous
19. fasting – when you fast not if, also give time
20. choose your friends carefully
21. do good things for others
22. fight – struggle spiritually
23. Obey the commandments of Christ
24. Pray, pray, pray

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